martes, 27 de octubre de 2009




Asphyxia is a french electro dark solo-band lead by Romain Florentz. The project started in fall 2005 after some tests on a music software, mixing dark whispered vocals and basic substractor synths sounds.

As one goes along, the band began to appropriate its own sound and make more complex tracks. From then on, Asphyxia started to become more popular, helped by its myspace profile page, which shows 500 daily views.

In july of this year, Asphyxia launched it first official web release called Sense of Decay which bring almost all the band songs together. This release contains 12 tracks whose Sense of Decay, End of it all, Obliterate my Fate, Rotten from the Inside and a bonus track called The Deathblow, which is exclusive.

In the future Asphyxia wish to record a real album with new tracks and remixes in collaboration with well known artists of the electro dark scene. To be continued...


Sense of Decay (2009)

01 End of It All (Decay Mix)
02 Self Deception
03 Obliterate My Fate
04 Painful Process
05 Revival (Eternity Mix)
06 Sense of Decay
07 Digital War
08 Santa Tecnologia
09 Rotten from the Inside
10 Concupiscentia
11 As You Like
12 The Deathblow (Bonus Track)



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