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Nicki Jaine's stunning stage presence and unforgettable voice make her irresistibly captivating. Her music truly "exists in its own universe, one in which Kurt Weill and Nico orbit a shadowy planet like twin moons" (

As the descendant of spirited European musicians, such as her great-grandfather who learned to play the fiddle from the Gypsies in Transylvania, this "cabaret chanteuse and underground cult icon" ( embodies a passion for creating music that has lived in her family for generations. Upon leaving Europe, the singer’s ancestors settled in New Jersey where Jaine, who now resides in Philadelphia, is originally from.

A beautiful marriage of the sensual allure of 1930s/1940s cabaret music with an irresistibly charismatic Ziggy Stardust-esque rock star flair defines Nicki Jaine’s signature sound. Her repertoire features original compositions as well as a selection of songs from the 1930s/1940s era, many of which Nicki Jaine sings in German. In addition to accompanying herself on the acoustic guitar, Jaine possesses the rare and entrancing talent of playing melodies on quite an otherworldly instrument: the musical saw. Undoubtedly, Nicki Jaine "proves that she is one of the finest and most unique voices in music today" (Musical Discoveries).

The "deliciously haunting" (Collected Sounds) chanteuse has released an album featuring a beautiful collection of live performances and an album by Revue Noir, Jaine’s collaboration with Black Tape for A Blue Girl leader Sam Rosenthal. She is currently recording a studio album and absolutely mesmerizing audiences every time she takes the stage. "With her cabaret noir style and a compelling to coquettish emotional nudity, Nicki Jaine is simply timeless" (East Coast Rocker).


Of Pigeons And Other Curiosities (2004)

1. sound of girls
2. pretty faces
3. should have known
4. pigeon named crow
5. amsterdam
6. animals crawling
7. octopi
8. antarctica
9. disaster, you're beautiful
10. untitled
11. one more show



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