miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009



Se dan un aire a los power ranger con esas pintas... la madre que los parió...
Más gimnasio chavales que hay que llenar las camisetas!

Extize began 2007 as one man project with Cyb3rella, one year later came Cyb3rSlut at the drums, Cyb3rc0re for the sampling and Ionic Matrix at the keyboards. Our sound is a mix between several styles like industrial, trance and hellectro. Our influences and inspiration are principally taken from the night life around us but at once from our lifes full of decadence. Extize is a pill which allows you to penetrate in our world of grotesque and neon lights!!!


Elektrostar (2009)

01. Hellektrostar
02. 100% Pure Cocaine
03. Red Water (Rusted Land Edit)
04. Hellektrostar (Reaper RMX)
05. Hellektrostar (Studio-X RMX)
06. 100% Pure Cocaine (Nachtmahr RMX)



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