viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009



Muy divertidos

Dresden Dolls are at first glance, both fascinating and frightening. It’s this conundrum that makes it easy to want to like the Brechtian-punk-cabaret duo—just because they’re so unique and intriguing. More than a band, Dresden Dolls are an idea, an experience and a noble freak show. The music is a dark, raw and brash statement spoken with a wry smile through voice, piano and drums. Channeling a variety of musical influences, the songs are an unorthodox, unapologetic mixture of sexuality, pain, chaos, loneliness, buried secrets, violence and performance for the sake of performance—art that inspires reaction. It’s just up to you to see if that reaction is of fascination or fear or something entirely different.


OA is for accident (2003)

1 - Missed Me
2 - Coin-operated Boy
3 - The time has come
4 - Mrs. O.
5 - Christopher Lydon
6 - Glasss Slipper
7 - Thirty Whacks
8 - Bank of Boston beauty
9 - Will
10 - Truce
11 - Stand by your man



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