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HELLRAISER - Christopher Young

1º Hellraiser
2º Hellbound Heart
3º Resurrection
4º The Lament Configuration
5º Reunion
6º A Quick Death
7º Seduction and Pursuit
8º In Love´s Name
9º The Cenobites
10º The rat Slice Quartet
11º Re-resurrection
12º Uncle Frank
13º Brought on by Night
14º Another Puzzle


Hellraiser II: Hellbound

01 Hellbound
02 Second Sight Seance
03 Looking Through A Woman
04 Something To Think About
05 'Skin Her Alive'
06 Stinging The Puppet
07 Hall Of Mirrors
08 Dead Or Living?
09 Leviathan
10 Sketch With Fire
11 Chemical Entertainment
12 Obscene Kiss
13 Headless Wizard
14 What's Your Pleasure?



Hellraiser IV: Bloodline

01. Main Title
02. Chez La Reve
03. Back to the Past/Present Tense
04. The Virtual Box Opens
05. Bloodlines
06. The Twins
07. Dreams of Angelique
08. Solar Alignment
09. Angelique Montage
10. Sharpe at the Gates of Hell
11. A New Box of Gold
12. Pain Has A Face
13. Back into the Box
14. Finale
15. End Title


Suicide Commando - Hellraiser Remix

01. Hellraiser (Psycopatch 01 - Version)
02. Hellraiser (VnV Nation Remixe)
03. Fragment of Torture
04. Hellraiser (Psycopatch 02 - Version)

Es es el CDM de Suicide COmmando con los remixes de su canción "Hellraiser".
Un pequeño bono hasta que complete la colección de OST de Hellraiser.



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