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Esta semana va a ser muy tranquila. Así que probablemente solo suba música acorde

Si vais a comprar discos, cuidaos de los pirateos Rusos

We will die.
But He, He will rise again and again.
Invincible Sun!


Moynihan formed Blood Axis in 1989 after touring Japan at the request of experimental music pioneer, Boyd Rice. Moynihan had previously founded Coup de Grace, a multimedia project that produced live performances and cassettes and also released booklets of images and texts, the last of which was Friedrich Nietzsche's The Antichrist.

The first output from the new appellation were two songs, "Lord of Ages" (employing lyrics from Rudyard Kipling's poem on Mithras) and "Electricity", which appeared on a German music sampler. These tracks were well received in Europe and were followed by two more songs that appeared on the seminal compilation, Im Blutfeuer. In 1995, Moynihan released the first full length studio LP, The Gospel of Inhumanity.

The album wedded the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Sergei Prokofiev with modern electronics. Moynihan implemented a recording of Ezra Pound reading from his The Cantos . He also included lyrics from Nietzsche and Longfellow as well as his own to the work. The album begins with a sample from the decisive final sequence of the film The Wicker Man.

In 1997, Blood Axis played a concert for the tenth anniversary of Cold Meat Industry, a Swedish record label. The performance was later recorded, remastered, and released as BLOT: Sacrifice in Sweden.
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Blót: Sacrifice in Sweden (1998)

1. Sarabande Oratoria
2. Herjafather
3. Seeker
4. Electricity
5. Lord Of Ages
6. The March Of Brian Boru
7. The Gospel Of Inhumanity
8. Eternal Soul
9. Between Birds Of Prey
10. Reign I Forever
11. The Hangman And The Papist
12. Storm Of Steel



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