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Psssss... Peor que "Dreams of the Undead girl"

YENDRI (aka Nina Maya, the 'Dark Princess of Unconventional Sounds') is back with a brand new album, a diverse offering, incorporating a wide range of styles from within the genre of dark electronic music. Thus it is sure to please those who just don't like the same stuff all over again but who like to explore new soundscapes. To express it in a "music business"-way: "YENDRI has once again conquered the musical world with this stunning masterpiece, taking the listener on an emotional rollercoatser-ride - an absolute must-have for lovers of dark electronic music".

YENDRI is also known for her remix work, working with bands including like L'AME IMMORTELLE, GOTEKI, AIBOFORCEN, CESIUM137, WUMPSCUT, PERFIDIOUS WORDS and many more.

This album includes 16 new audiotracks plus a videoclip to the song "Raining Lies" and comes in Super Jewel Box packaging (standard size) with a 16-page booklet.



Broken World (2009)

01. Negotiations
02. Born Dead
03. Throw Yourself out of the Window
04. Raining Lies
05. Release Me
06. Not
07. This Tristesse
08. Oh No
09. In the Corner
10. The Hole
11. The Void
12. Machinespirit
13. Undefined World
14. Useless
15. So Soon
16. Flowerchild
17. Videotrack: Raining Lies



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