miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009



Excelente descubrimiento, buena música experimental/ambiental. Para esos momento en el que al escuchar música se desea desmarcarse de lo cotidiano

Segundo disco de este formación
Tonikom is worlds, atmospheres, a narrative. A project born out of curiousity, creativity and a need for expressing a sound that wasnt heard, Tonikom continues to defy genres and explore various styles of electronic music. Countless influences, both sonic and visual, help Tonikom perpetuate its evolution. IDM, Industrial, Techno, Drum n Bass, Electro, Trance, Power Electronix, Ambient and Tribal all combine to weave Tonikom's sound.


The Sniper's Veil (2009)

01. Temporarius Delerium
02. Peripheral Movement
03. Instar One
04. Watching From Here
05. In The Far
06. Of Those Great Walls
07. Instar Two
08. The Source (Album Edit)
09. Fluorescence
10. Breaking Down
11. The Gesture
12. Gap-Toothed Martyr
13. Look But Never Touch



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