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No son de los mejores... pero se dejan escuchar

Right in time for his project's 10th Anniversary xotox mastermind Andreas Davids is back! After the first two full-length releases "lichtlos" and "[psi]" catapulted xotox into the top 3 of the industrialscene's most successful acts ever, his third album "In den zehn morgen" will see the light of day.In contrast to other producers, who increasingly incorporate techno influences into their music, Andreas decided to return to his roots - yet without losing his cutting edge sound and trademark rhythmic attacks. He thus managed to create the perfect fusion between the xotox sound from the early days and this millennium's modern influences. "In den zehn Morgen" contains many club-hits , such as "ewig", "habitat", "grob fahrlaessig" or "kein ruhe vor dem sturm", as well as more experimental tracks.For this release Andreas decided to team up with some interesting guest artists: Thomas Rainer (L'Ame Immortelle / Nachtmahr) and Lahannya, who is best known for her performances with Soman but has recently made an impact in her own right with the release of her impressive debut "Shotgun Reality

In den zehn Morgen (2008)

01 verlust
02 ewig
03 in den zehn morgen
04 winterblut 2: eiszeit
05 czarny las
06 habitat
07 grob fahrlässig
08 keine ruhe vor dem sturm
09 das haus an der thune
10 winterblut 3: ewiges eis
11 wirbeltier
12 verlust (remix by phil j.)


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